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Coir Growbags

Afsar Coir's Growbags are an established and reliable alternative to Peat Moss Growbags and Stone wool growbags for Professional Cultivations of Hydroponically Grown Crops which includes options for all climates, By using Globalcoir Growbags, Growers experience ongoing financial savings in their purchasing, a high quality crop and high yield. Excellent medium for seed propagation.

Coco Peat in compressed strips or in board form packed in Co-extruded, plastic bag with both end heat sealed. The Plant hole, Drip hole, Drain hole in plastic bag and Plant hole, Drip hole, Drainagegrue in compressed strips are also can be done as per customer choice and request.

They are suitable for a wide variety of crops such as: vegetables (tomato, pepper, cucumber, strawberry, melon, watermelon, eggplant…), flowers (gerberas, roses…), soft fruit (strawberry, berries…) and fruit nurseries (citrus trees, olive trees, fruit trees…). Plastic is UV treated according to customer requirements; availability white (outside) /black (inside) or black/black. Also they can be supplied as the slab without the bag.Different possibilities to make it easier for growers: planting holes/cuts, pre-drilled drip holes, drainage cuts, tailor-made sizes…

They are certified for organic production, according to the national Organic Program Rule of Use.Grow Bags are available on different coco peat / crush chips combinations for an adequate air/water ratio, depending on crop, variety, season, climate conditions, water salinity…so growers can choose between different formulas for the best water management.

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Afsar coir is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of high quality coir fiber products. We are on of the leading suppliers of coir to growers in various countries, as well as to some of the India's..
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