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Coco Chips

Coco Husk Chips are nothing but the regular slicing of the husk of the coconut in uniform sizes. Coconut Husk(Shell) are chopped or cut into size of 1cm to 3cm sizes of tolerance +/- 10%. It containes high quality peat with fibers to absorb more water. It is used as Mulching Agent. The Coco Chips are suitable for the plants which require more Air Fill Porosity. Ideal for plants like orchids. Coco Chips are free from weeds, prevents insects & harmful fungi.

Coir Coconut Husk Chips have been a proven media for Orchid growers and flower growers alike. Our Coconut Husk Chips are a consistent media that will last longer than bark, in fact our Coconut Husk Chips will last in your media for 3 to 5 years.

These Bales consist of lesser compressed & easy to loosen up Coco material which can be used for multiple applications depending on the growing requirement. These bales can be made with different mixtures by increasing or decreasing the percentage of Coir Fiber presence in the mix . We can also add Coco Chips or Coco Crushed material if required to these bale mixtures.

Coconut Husk Chips work great in all types of potting mixes or stand alone. They will hold water and release it evenly as the mix dries out, similar to a sponge.

Benefits of Coco Chips

  • High water holding capacity, yet release water evenly.
  • Promotes superior root growth
  • Wets & Rewets easily
  • Long Lasting - 3 to 5 years

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